If you want to read about the reason these came to be and purpose of the cards, we’d encourage you to check out an article we wrote about them here.

Right now, we have seven mental health awareness cards to offer. We have a limited initial stock, so it will be first-come, first-served. This is a beta project, so we are not charging to cover the overhead of designing and marketing these cards. Further, shipping costs vary and nothing is automated at this time, so we will work with you individually. Give us feedback on what you the church leaders think about the product. What do you like, what needs to be changed, what opinions do you have?

Until we get a formal shop going, we are going to individualize the process and iron out the product. Remember: this is still a beta project.

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  • Note these come in packets of each of the seven cards. So a pack of one will be seven cards whereas a pack of 5 will be 35 cards total.
  • There is no international shipping outside of the United States.
  • Also, any other notes you would like to share as we set up this trial with you.
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