If you don’t know, there is a really good application for mindfulness out there called Headspace. For those who like free, there is more than enough, but it has so much more than that. The idea behind Headspace is to help people to slow down, take a minute from the busyness of life, and reduce stress, improve relationships, as well as improve physical health.

These are a lot of great things for a clinical counselor who wants to help someone find coping skills for themselves (and all therapists should be aware and at least have practiced the techniques) but I think this also has an application for all Christians.

If you are like me, morning devotionals are not possible because I’m a night owl and already get up for work at 6 am. With three children, finding time in the evening outside of work is not possible and I want to be asleep at a certain time, so prayer and Scripture time is difficult.

The reason that doing devotionals during the day is you have to be intentional to take that time, be focused on it instead of work problems, and keep boundaries to do it. My lunchtime has been the best time to do personal Scripture and prayer time and I use the Headspace app many times for a quick minute in order to give God my full attention with reading the Bible and speaking directly to him.

If you are interested, I suggest you go download it and try it out. If you’d like a quick peek, the video below is an example of the tone, pace, and length a quick mindfulness example could look like. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Published by Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is a Licensed Professional Counselor working with adults and youth. Jeremy has a history of working as a ministry director for Youth for Christ for 8 years and then working as a mental health and substance use adult counselor in Ohio, specifically running an Opioid Residential Treatment Center.

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