Jesus heals. We know He does. We see it in the Bible, and we even see it today.

But He doesn’t always heal when we ask Him to.

I’ve been chronically ill since I was eight years old, and you bet I prayed, and still pray, to be healed. People laid hands on me (um, not my favorite), people prayed over me silently, people prayed for me out loud, people prayed for me without me knowing, people I barely knew prayed for me.
I’m just saying that I was and am, prayed for.

And I haven’t been healed.

I’m still chronically ill a decade later.

People have tried to figure out why I am chronically ill and other people wonder why someone who they believe “deserves it” instead didn’t get it. (no one deserves it, okay?) They try to find meaning in it, or a reason, or something to make sense of it. I don’t blame them because I’ve thought all those thoughts too.

The truth is that we live in a broken, fallen world where some people get diagnosed with chronic illnesses and some people don’t.

I have doctors and nurses and more medications for my illness than I would even like to count but it’s okay. They help me the best they can and I am grateful.

I believe in Jesus as our Healer. I believe in Jesus as my Healer. Just because He hasn’t healed me yet doesn’t mean He won’t. He may never ever heal me while I’m here on the earth, but I know He’ll heal me in Heaven.

I can take my medication, go to the doctor, be uncurably and chronically ill and still call Jesus my Healer.

You’re wondering what this has to do with Mental Health? Stay with me, it has everything to do with it.

What about Healing for Mental Illness?

We live in a broken, fallen world where some people struggle with mental illnesses and some don’t. It’s no different than physical illnesses.

If you are struggling with mental illness, and are praying to be healed, trying to find meaning in it, or struggling with taking the steps to get the care you need– I want you to know that while Jesus is our Healer, it’s important to get Mental Health Professionals that can help you.

You can see a therapist/counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist and still call Jesus your Healer.

You can take medication for your mental illness and still call Jesus your Healer.

You can have a mental illness and call Jesus your Healer.

He will heal us one day, on earth or in Heaven, but while we wait, let’s get the help that we need while we’re living in this broken little world.

We’d love to join you, if you have prayers that we can do, just as others did for me, share with us in the comments so we can pray for you.

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Allison enjoys reading, writing, taking pictures, and listening to music. She is a lover of all things geeky and nerdy, and she hates writing about herself in the third person.

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