Pastors Ask: Where Do Professionals See Faith In Their Practice?

Pastor: “I have always heard that you cannot be a Christian in our counseling sessions which makes me not want to refer anyone to counseling. Is this true?”

Faith and spirituality play a crucial role in the therapeutic process. If we have defined what mental health is, we need to now look at the collaboration of the Church and pastors with professionals. It is my belief the two organizations can walk together and do more for people who struggle with mental health than either can do by themselves.

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What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is a very defined practice which for the past one hundred years has been established, refined, regulated, and researched. The formal definition says “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.”

One common misconception is mental health workers see disorders in everything. While mental health symptoms that make up a disorder may be present in areas of a person’s life, a person has to meet a specific set of criteria that is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The current version is the DSM-5.

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Shame Of Mental Health

The pain of a physical wound is difficult. Think about the last time you smashed your toe on something, gave yourself a paper cut, or bruised yourself from some physical activity. But we have doctors who can actually see the problem, diagnosis it, and provide a remedy. We see the wound, accept their treatment plan, and follow through with it.

With mental health, we are not so lucky. You cannot always see the wounds and the treatment plans may not lead to healing as fast as you want.

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7 Scriptures Of Hope

The past couple of articles noted some shortcomings with the Church and mental health. The reproach may be necessary, but we should have hope in our faith and in our salvation. The Scripture below are verses to help inspire hope in whatever pain or suffering you may have at this time. My suggestion as a counselor is to use these as points of motivation and encouragement for you. As a fellow Christian, I ask that you use these as reminders of God’s promise and implement them into your prayers.

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Is Mental Health Taboo? Pastors Think So.

Nearly twenty percent of people struggle with mental health at any one time in the lives yet sixty percent of them did not receive any treatment for it according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). While it is not conclusive this is due to lack of resources or because people are ashamed, I can say from my experience as a counselor, the latter is definitely in the majority. Instead of dealing with their mental health, they’re avoiding it which costs individuals and the general public nearly $200 billion a yaer. Unfortunately, this taboo came from the culture around these people and the Church is actually making it worse.

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