My Church Breaking The Stigma

I don’t normally break the fourth wall and talk personally about experiences as I want this website to be a resource for mental health professions and churches to begin a dialogue on how we can unite together more. But this is one of those intersections where my personal experience can be an example, where my church is helping break the stigma of mental health.

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Free Mental Health Devotional eBook

We’ve decided to begin to create a mental health devotional in an eBook format. This will be perfect for Christian pastors, leaders, and those looking to build their faith. Even more so, for those who struggle with mental health and want to have God be part of the restoration process.

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Christian Mental Health Groups

The new wave of evangelism and discipleship within churches are small groups. We see men’s and women’s small groups, small groups for young married couples, small groups going over specific books of the Bible, or based on location.

Interestingly, clinical mental health programs typically can have a strong focus and foundation in group as they offer a unique way for people to help connect and work on their mental health symptoms.

But are Christian mental health groups possible?

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When God Becomes Real [Book Review]

Brian Johnson is the founder of Bethel Music and WorshipU, and integral in the production of over fifteen albums that have influenced the culture of worship across the global church. Brian has written or co-wrote Christian songs to include Undone, No Longer Slaves, Love Came Down, Forever, and One Thing Remains. The book When God Becomes Real is a look at his life and how anxiety impacted his formulation of all of these things he accomplished.

Of course, I didn’t know who Brian Johnson was before I read this book, so I came into this book not knowing anything about him and completely different expectations.

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May Is Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we want to encourage you to be able to better communicate with your congregation and community about mental health and how the Church can come alongside them.

Here are a bunch of resources for you to use for your church.

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How Can Pastors Refer Someone To Counseling?

Churches and pastors are truly at the forefront of interacting with people, especially in America. You get to sit and talk with people about sin, grace, redemption, and edification. But many times the scope of a pastor’s knowledge becomes limited when someone comes in feeling suicidal, having a manic episode, or struggling with an addiction to drugs. It’s at this time you need to be helping connect the person to a professional counselor who is trained, but how can pastors refer someone to counseling?

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Sign Up For A Secret Project

If you haven’t noticed, we have a newsletter that we occasionally ask via a pop up for people to sign up for. We call it our monthly newsletter, but honestly, we haven’t used it yet.

That is, until now.

Starting the end of this month, we will begin to send out a monthly newsletter to those who decide to opt-in. In fact, we now have a page dedicated to the newsletter for those who want to sign up which we will is in conjunction with social media.

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The Lie of Busyness [Devotional]

Busyness is a mentality that many in the American culture strive for. We see how it can take away from family, cause medical conditions, and lead to burnout. Pastors in America are not immune to this, in fact many churches where the badge of being busy as an honor. “Look at everything I’m doing” is a common generalized approach for pastors on social media. “Our church is doing it all and we are ‘doing it with excellence.'”

While I’m not against meeting the needs of your community and congregation and never would push for anything less than your best at what you do, I believe that busyness is a lie.

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How Your Church Can Participate In Autism Awareness Month

This month is Autism Awareness Month (and May is Mental Health Month if you are scheduling out) so we wanted to help churches figure out how they can participate in their own way. Below are several things you can do, from the very simple posting a social media post to the very involved of implementing a strategy.

The hope is that this first of all shows more alignment from the church with mental health and developmental delays. Beyond this, we hope that conversations start and maybe even revival for people with developmental delays and mental health may begin in your communities.

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How To Start Loving Your Spouse More [Video]

For those who may struggle with their relationship with their significant other, whether married, engaged, or dating, loving them can sometimes be a bit difficult. The reasons can be many, money, sex, parenting, and hobbies tend to be the highest identified reasons.

But the Gottman Institute, a research-based relationship model, talks about how none of these things are actually causing conflict. In fact, conflict doesn’t have to mean you love your spouse less.

So what is the biggest reason? They say it’s all about how you invest in your relationship and if you are fighting, you haven’t been investing in your relationship.

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